The Goodside Project has been in our hearts for a long time. As children, we were lucky enough to camp near beaches with white sand and clear blue seas. As adults, we lived in countries where there was more plastic in the ocean than room for swimming. Moving back to Australia and witnessing our children's love and respect for the ocean, we knew it was time to get into action. We wanted to create a business that represented us and what we are passionate about. Making changes for today and for our children tomorrow.

We then started researching. Learning about the true destruction that plastic is causing. 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the sea! Millions of sea turtles, mammals and birds dying every year! A plastic gyre in the pacific that is bigger than South Australia! Shocking and heart breaking. Next, we looked for companies that were already cleaning up the ocean and turning this into products that we all love. This is when we found Subs.

We have partnered with Subs to bring our first product – thongs, flips flops, jandals – to fruition. Up to 1 kilo of plastic is pulled from the ocean with every pair of thongs we produce! Subs actually source some of their plastic from their own beach clean ups and the rest is from the ocean and landfills. They are passionate about what they do and this is evident in the quality of our thongs. We have not stopped there though! We are also working with 2 other companies on new products – beach towels and caps so stay tuned for these.

Welcome to The Goodside Project.