The Goodside Project is built from the motto 'We cannot change the past but we sure can help change the future'.

We started our journey working with recycled plastics after living overseas and seeing the destruction plastic was causing our waterways. Our first product was thongs made from recycled plastic. A fantastic shoe, slow fashion at its finest, comfortable and can be upcycled into a new pair should it ever wear through. We introduced towels made with recycled polyester next. Sand resistant, odour free, absorb 7 times their weight in water and dry much quicker than a cotton towel. Super popular with athletes, travelers and beach goers. This product however took us on a huge learning path. Microplastics.

Every time we use our washing machines we are sending thousands of tiny microplastics into our water ways.And this was unacceptable to us. So we are in final stages of launching our microplastic catcher The Good Catch. We cannot wait to share this one with you. 

We are also finding better ways to make our products. We are investigating using local fishing nets to make our towels. We hope to make our thongs locally with a turtle on the sole. So each time you step in the sand you leave behind the imprint of a turtle. The only thing you should be leaving behind.

The Goodside Project is all about learning from our mistakes and finding better ways to do things.


Thank you for coming on this journey with us.